BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches


Back again with an awesome crock-pot recipe! Okay, it’s seriously so easy, it hardly even counts as a recipe. This is the ultimate “dump-it and leave-it” dinner. I was craving BBQ pulled pork sandwiches for our Friday night dinner (in my humble opinion one of the top ways to say ‘goodbye’ to the work week and ‘hello’ to the weekend!). But alas, we had no pork, and I was not…

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Slow Cooker Apple Pork Roast


Several weeks ago, I tried making some delicious Mexican shredded beef for some tacos. But alas, our tiny, red, $14.99 crock-pot couldn’t handle the awesome-ness of those large cuts of meat. It ended up being a total disaster because I had to cut the beef into several chunks, and even then, it was smooshed up against the lid. No bueno. I’m pretty sure I bought it in the dorm section…

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Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches


Summer is not over. It may almost be September, but I refuse to let go of the season! It was 85 degrees yesterday and we spent a majority of the evening at the pool with our neighbors. The summer bugs were buzzing in the trees and chirping their usual summer evening theme song. However, just as we were heading home from the pool, we saw a few scattered small yellow…

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Simple Red Lentil Curry


I love the “Meatless Mondays”. 1) It’s a fun culinary challenge if you’re not used to cookingΒ meatless/veggie based dinners and 2) it’s a healthy way to really force some nutrition into your diet on a weekly basis! This Monday I wanted to use some of the red lentils that were sitting in my cupboard and it just so happens that my husband bought some naan bread on our last grocery…

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